Blush, Blue, and Berry - Oh my! I'm on a 2015 color trend high!

Benjamin Moore has released their color trends for 2015 and they have me pretty excited! I am a lover of the blues that have dominated our decor over the last few years, but it is always exciting for me to play with new palettes.  

The blush palette is timeless and serene.  It looks like a fragile peony or a piece of driftwood on pink sand beaches.  In fact, I think this would be a lovely alternative to the traditional blues we usually see in coastal homes. 

The blue palette is still strong and that makes me happy!  Blues are so versatile, performing well in the washed out versions you see in Nantucket or in the vibrant tones you see in the Caribbean.  I will never tire of the blues!

Today, I want to focus on the berry palette that I think is a breath of fresh air and a nod to the past.  This is going to be a palette that works just as beautifully in a sexy master bedroom as it would in a Parisian cafe.  One that has been there unaltered for years.  It can go ultra-modern or super traditional.  



 via The Nest

via The Nest

One way to incorporate this fresh color is shown here. By keeping your core pieces neutral, you can play a little without sacrificing practicality and budget.  I have paired a cushy, traditional, warm grey sofa and arm chair with pops of varying shades of berry.  Remember that you don't want everything matchy-matchy with the exact same hue.  This ends up looking flat and dull.  

Hues shown here range from the chocolate, leather ottoman to the more glossy, dark pink chandelier.  I also incorporated the shades in between.  Pulling it all together are the two inspirational art pieces with both berry tones and some unexpected golds and aquas.  I love adding just a little bit of the unexpected.  Another thing that makes this room work is the addition of  warm, rich wood side tables and some metal accents.  Varying textures will always give your room more depth.

You can dip your toes in the water with a little pop of berry on accessories, or jump in with that rich color on the whole wall.  Next week, I will explore how you can use the blues and blush palettes in new, fresh ways for 2015.  We will top it off with the color of the year - Guilford Green.  What do you think about the new color trends?