You Don't Have to Sacrifice Style in This Practical Side Table

As we enter into August, I am hot!  Well, I may not look hot, but I feel hot!  Unfortunately, my backyard feels the same way.  Lesson learned, don't plan to take pictures of your Texas yard in July.  That is just a silly plan! It is just not going to be looking great, in fact, my plants are just barely holding on.  It might be due to the fact that I have been too busy to give them enough attention, but I will just blame it on the heat.  So I will wait and bring you pictures of the yard later, during what my hubby and I call "Second Spring".  In a couple of months, everything will bloom again, my roses get full and my annuals perk up.  We love that time of year when we can once again spend a little more time outdoors.  

Today, I wanted to show you a new table we created for a client who needed a place to set her drinks while relaxing on her sofa.  A simple request, however, they have three beautiful dogs that run by this area and a stray wagging tail can put an end to a skimpy table.  

A combination of steel and porcelain brings superb durability and strength to this gorgeous table.  While the top surface looks just like travertine, it is a porcelain tile - which will last so much longer in this application and is lighter too.

Side Table Above

We inset both surfaces to give a nice contrast of the light and dark surfaces.  If you could pick this baby up, you would love the heft you get when using the 14 gauge steel instead of the cheap stuff you see from some of the imported tables in a similar price point.

Side Table Side Angle

Would you like a handcrafted table like the one you see here?  Would you like it in gold instead of the oil-rubbed bronze?  How about a different look on the porcelain?  This table is 14"w x 26"d x 24"h.  Let us create something similar for you!