Studio Steidley is a full-service upscale interior design firm serving the Dallas - Ft. Worth area.  We specialize in environments that provide you luxurious living every day.  We have over 20 years of experience in creating beautiful and functional commercial and residential interiors.  We are proud to have won National IDS Designer of the Year in 2016 for Bathrooms, and National IDS Designer of the Year in 2017 in 3 categories including Kitchens and Living Spaces.

Staci Steidley, principal designer of Studio Steidley has always been passionate about how spaces affect us in both positive and negative ways. “When you think about how much time you spend indoors, it makes sense to create an environment that is functional, beautiful, and reflects your personality. Even commercial spaces need to reflect the personality of the business and balance beauty with function.”

Let us help you create a timeless, gorgeous space that you will enjoy and make memories in for years to come.  | 214-497-9344