You Don't Have to Sacrifice Style in This Practical Side Table

As we enter into August, I am hot!  Well, I may not look hot, but I feel hot!  Unfortunately, my backyard feels the same way.  Lesson learned, don't plan to take pictures of your Texas yard in July.  That is just a silly plan! It is just not going to be looking great, in fact, my plants are just barely holding on.  It might be due to the fact that I have been too busy to give them enough attention, but I will just blame it on the heat.  So I will wait and bring you pictures of the yard later, during what my hubby and I call "Second Spring".  In a couple of months, everything will bloom again, my roses get full and my annuals perk up.  We love that time of year when we can once again spend a little more time outdoors.  

Today, I wanted to show you a new table we created for a client who needed a place to set her drinks while relaxing on her sofa.  A simple request, however, they have three beautiful dogs that run by this area and a stray wagging tail can put an end to a skimpy table.  

A combination of steel and porcelain brings superb durability and strength to this gorgeous table.  While the top surface looks just like travertine, it is a porcelain tile - which will last so much longer in this application and is lighter too.

Side Table Above

We inset both surfaces to give a nice contrast of the light and dark surfaces.  If you could pick this baby up, you would love the heft you get when using the 14 gauge steel instead of the cheap stuff you see from some of the imported tables in a similar price point.

Side Table Side Angle

Would you like a handcrafted table like the one you see here?  Would you like it in gold instead of the oil-rubbed bronze?  How about a different look on the porcelain?  This table is 14"w x 26"d x 24"h.  Let us create something similar for you!

How To Create a Dreamy Back Porch Living Area

In Texas, we are now in the midst of the heat of summer.  I love Texas, but this time of year, it pays to be near the water or in the shade!  We have a builder-grade home just outside of Dallas, and from the time we moved in, we focused on getting more shade, and a pool-side retreat.  Soon, I will bring you ideas from our back yard to incorporate into your own space, but today I want to focus on how to create a relaxing area to sip tea (maybe something of the Long-Island sort!) and entertain with your family!  

white back porch bhg

This back porch is just the right combination of formal and coastal, with a little bit of vintage thrown in!  I can just imagine eating dinner al-fresco on a summer night or sipping hot cocoa in front of that fire in the winter.  

Many of us Texans have moved into a newer, builder grade home that looks like some version of this.

starter home back porch

Or if you are lucky, you might have something more like this!

When we moved into our new home, there was no place to escape the sun.  However, with careful planning and patience, we now have shade galore!  But of course, that is a tease!  I will show you pics of our space next time.

So how do you turn the above back porches into an inviting, lovely living space?  Easy!  

  1. Decide how much space you have and what is most important.  Do you want eat outside, or just sit and relax?  Do you have room for both?
  2. Determine a color scheme.  Today, I went with a pretty Spring Green theme.  What color do you fancy right now?
  3. Dedicate some of your hard earned money to your project and come up with your budget.  
  4. Do some shopping!
spring green back porch

This living area is going to come alive with some pops of color.  In this case, it is the striped rug.  The element that will make your guests drool would be the double chase lounge.  I can imagine me with a good book and a mojito right there!  To give your back porch that living area look, incorporate a patio set like you see above.  This beauty is $850 at Wayfair and a great blend of coastal and modern elements.  Pillows are going to give a punch of fun patterns and color to your space.  Don't be afraid to have fun with this!  My favorite find of the day is the  indoor/outdoor bar cart from Overstock at $69.00!  How cute is this and it is super practical too!  Finish it out with beautiful planters to make your space more lush.  

What do you look for when creating a backyard living area?  What is your must-have outdoor item this year?  Don't forget, I am here to help you create that dream space!

Photo 1: Better Homes and Gardens, photo 2: back porch design patterns, photo 3: Home Designs


Upholstered Modern Bench - Practical and Pretty!

I am getting excited to show you photos of my latest project.   It is a master bedroom that has gone from Old World 90's to chic, transitional, and beautiful!  We have to wait a little longer for some of our products to arrive, but I couldn't wait to show you the custom bench we made for this space!  It will sit at the end of the bed, providing a punch of color and a place to sit and put on your shoes.

bench b.jpg

The room is mostly neutral with some pops of this beautiful coral color.  It is a blend of orange and red that reminds me of the sunset over the beach.


This gorgeous master bedroom will be peaceful and the color is feminine without being too girly-girl.  The neutrals in the furnishings and bedding will be a perfect contrast and balance.  

This bench, crafted in Texas, is perfect for my client.  But the wonderful thing is that if you prefer different colors and fabrics, you got it!  If a different size works better for you, you got it!  That is beauty of a custom piece.  If you live in the Dallas - Ft.Worth area, we would love to create one for you.

Locally Crafted Beauty

Today we are offering a beautiful steel and white oak table that is not only incredibly durable, it is gorgeous too! With a high school boy in our home, we get a lot of good, old-fashioned fun happening in the living room.  This could involve football, wrestling, video games, or just a movie.  It almost always involves someone sitting on my beautiful coffee table!  But you know what?  I don't even worry - our table can take it!  

We have created a similar table for you that will perform just the same way.  This piece is 58" x 28" x 18" and is constructed of rough hewn white oak and steel.  It is oversized and rustic, yet modern.  It has a beautiful Driftwood finish on the wood and Antique Bronze on the steel components.  The lower shelf is perfect for extra storage or books and magazines.  The table is handcrafted locally with careful attention to detail.  

We are all about custom pieces!  If you need a different size or style, let us know.  We work with many materials and finishes to create exactly what you need. Just call or email so that we can connect.

Dreaming of Blue Skies and Side Chairs

If you live anywhere near Dallas, you know our skies have been cloudy and grey for almost all of spring.  Now, I certainly will not complain, we are so thankful to have a relief from years of drought and see our lakes full again!  With all that said, I need blue skies!  This girl functions better in sunny conditions.  


How about this?  I am happy just looking at it!  

Even though I love a beach inspired interior, I have been adoring the beautiful crisp indigo, white, and grey rooms lately.  It seems that aqua blue gets all the attention right now, so how about a look at the other lovely shades of blue, with just a splash of the aqua?  I love this painting placed on a creamy white wall with the heather blue bench.  It is classic.

                                                      New England Home Magazine

With this photo as my inspiration, I went on task to complete a living room that would be kid-friendly, dog-friendly, and (of-course) budget-friendly!  I started with a painting found at Zinc Door for $506.  I love it and the frame makes it even more beautiful!  Now that I have my palette, I can go find the other items to pull this room together.  

When thinking of pets and children, we know that sometimes the rug gets a lot of abuse.  This rug is perfect for many reasons. It has pattern, a blending of colors that hide stains, it is wool, and it is only $227.00 at Wayfair for a 5x7!  Done!  I love that it incorporates a modern pattern in a new way.  

My rule for a sofa is to get the best you can afford.  It gets a ton of use and you will likely have it for a very long time!  This Cullen Apartment Sofa from Crate and Barrell is a beauty and will wear well in the medium toned grey color.  I think $899 is fantastic for what you are getting in quality.  

So this leads me to the funky, futuristic side chair!  Don't you love it?  It looks so comfy and is a pop of color while still staying practical at $709 for the set!  And it is a little different.  Do you notice how the rug, sofa, and chair are all incorporating colors from that painting?  If you have an inspiration piece to pull your space together, you can't go wrong.  

This all brings me back to the color palette in blue from Benjamin Moore that we started with this year.

                                                                Benjamin Moore

                                                               Benjamin Moore

If you are dreaming of blue skies and side chairs too, here is a little more inspiration for you!

1. Ethan Allen   2.  Target   3.  Tobi Fairley   4.  Traditional Home

You are making me blush...

No, I'm not talking about the "Fifty Shades of Grey" due out on Valentine's Day, I am talking about the romantic and beautiful Benjamin Moore 2015 color palette "Blush".  I will say, it does have my heart racing!  And if you combine the blush with copper and gold metallics, it is hot, hot, hot!  Everywhere I go, I see this combination and I love it!

photo via

It is beautiful how we see just a hint of color defining the pinks, whites, grey and green; and yet it really reads very monochromatic.  And that is what you want!  We have to be careful not to end up with an Easter egg basket or a cute, little girl's room.  Attack these colors with a gentle hand.  Follow a few simple rules to pull this off successfully.

  • If you are painting the walls, go for a toned down, almost not-even-there pink paint.  You will be surprised how much more pink it looks on the wall!  Test a few colors on a full sheet of poster board and view it in the room at different times of day.
  • Use several varying textures such as a glossy off-white table with a weathered wood tray and a copper candle.  Combine this with twill, woven cotton, and embroidered fabrics.  Top it off with simple metallic accents, maybe a gold edged glass box?  Or a brass trimmed alarm clock?  This will keep your pallet fresh and sophisticated.
  • Mix in plenty of white, grey, or brown to let the eye rest.  That way, your blush highlights will shine and make an impact.

Here, I have put together a very sexy, sophisticated and grown-up blush bedroom that has just the right amount of pink and peach tones.  Don't you think it looks expensive?  I found this gorgeous  5x8 light pink rug on for a mere $275.oo.  The King sized wingback upholstered bed was $799.00 on One Kings Lane.  The nightstand is also a One Kings Lane find for $149.00.  I did go a little crazy with the budget on lighting, but I just love the natural wood pendant from Hayneedle.  Everything you see above is still around $2500.oo.  What?  No way.  With a little smart shopping at your local Home Goods and World Market, you could have your room looking gorgeous and spend even less!

So here is a little more eye candy for you to dwell on while drooling over your new, budget-minded master bedroom.  

Photo 1 via  Photo 2 via  Photo 3 via Alexandra Bryn. Photo 4 via  Photo 5 via Architectural Digest.



Blush, Blue, and Berry - Oh my! I'm on a 2015 color trend high!

Benjamin Moore has released their color trends for 2015 and they have me pretty excited! I am a lover of the blues that have dominated our decor over the last few years, but it is always exciting for me to play with new palettes.  

The blush palette is timeless and serene.  It looks like a fragile peony or a piece of driftwood on pink sand beaches.  In fact, I think this would be a lovely alternative to the traditional blues we usually see in coastal homes. 

The blue palette is still strong and that makes me happy!  Blues are so versatile, performing well in the washed out versions you see in Nantucket or in the vibrant tones you see in the Caribbean.  I will never tire of the blues!

Today, I want to focus on the berry palette that I think is a breath of fresh air and a nod to the past.  This is going to be a palette that works just as beautifully in a sexy master bedroom as it would in a Parisian cafe.  One that has been there unaltered for years.  It can go ultra-modern or super traditional.  



 via The Nest

via The Nest

One way to incorporate this fresh color is shown here. By keeping your core pieces neutral, you can play a little without sacrificing practicality and budget.  I have paired a cushy, traditional, warm grey sofa and arm chair with pops of varying shades of berry.  Remember that you don't want everything matchy-matchy with the exact same hue.  This ends up looking flat and dull.  

Hues shown here range from the chocolate, leather ottoman to the more glossy, dark pink chandelier.  I also incorporated the shades in between.  Pulling it all together are the two inspirational art pieces with both berry tones and some unexpected golds and aquas.  I love adding just a little bit of the unexpected.  Another thing that makes this room work is the addition of  warm, rich wood side tables and some metal accents.  Varying textures will always give your room more depth.

You can dip your toes in the water with a little pop of berry on accessories, or jump in with that rich color on the whole wall.  Next week, I will explore how you can use the blues and blush palettes in new, fresh ways for 2015.  We will top it off with the color of the year - Guilford Green.  What do you think about the new color trends?